An Art and Literary Magazine for Delaware Valley Regional High School

Charles Agulis, Class of 2020


by Molly Esposito, English Teacher

I wasn’t sure what it was at first passing, 

but on the return trip through frosted 

morning air I could see him, 

red fur sparkling and stiff 

with the frozen dew. 


Curled up in the middle of the road 

like my little grey spaniel on the living 

room carpet when I was a girl. 


I wanted him to rise up, 

scamper away, prove his wiliness — 

silly lady, did you think I was dead? 


Or I wanted to stop the truck, 

put on the flashers and gather 

his little broken body into my arms, 

cradle it against the cold openness of the street, 

to shield what could no longer be protected, 

to honor the little lifeless creature 

on an empty November morning.