An Art and Literary Magazine for Delaware Valley Regional High School

Changing Perspectives

An Art and Literary Magazine for Delaware Valley Regional High School

Changing Perspectives

An Art and Literary Magazine for Delaware Valley Regional High School

Changing Perspectives

**Winner!!** Born by Madeline Bobrowski 23, Graphite Pencil

Follies of a King

by Tobias W. Stettler '24

Once upon a time, there sat a kingdom in the forest, ruled by a greedy king. The king craved the luxuries of life, and would hoard great amounts of treasures in his expansive castle. His daughter, his...

Love by Kacper Domoslawski 24, Pencil Sketch

The Moon

by Adriana Rosato '23 ~ Winner!

I now recognize Why the moon chases the earth She keeps him at a distance Timid to get even the smallest bit closer But incapable of turning away She watches him watch her She is the sun How could...

The Flutters of Love by Kallista Saam 24, Pencil Sketch

Am I So Mad?

by Nevaeh Baron '25

Look around, can you see me? I'll talk loud, aren't you listening? Scream out "give me attention", Freaking out over every interaction. I don't know much, should I ask her? I think too much, a disaster. My...

Love You Forever by Kaitlyn Fike 23, Pencil Sketch

She’s a Sunflower

by Amaya E. Joassainte '25

She's a sunflower No understanding yet completely open Bright and finding new passions I find it quite perfect. She's a sunflower Looking upon the brighter side of life Glowing, She isn't the sun...

Churro Collage by Grace Benthin 23, Mixed Media

True Love: a Haiku

by Claire McGovern '26

        Churros are scrumptious. They have never let me down. They are there for you.        

Fear of Love by Vanessa Jacinto Martinez 25, Pencil Sketch

Love for the Rat Machine

by Aidan O'Connell '24

It's dark. Past twilight, but not yet twelve, or else I would be able to see. It's no matter though, as I already know the way. Not truly in the directions sense, the kind of path you follow after pulling...

Annabel Lee by Kristin Rule 23, Pencil Sketch

daisies and all their dead stems

By erica jeanne wagner '25

i burned our bed with the candle of aphrodite; the goddess of love wouldn't know what to say if she ever laid eyes on me. love is loudest afterwards, once something's died: makes you wish it never...

By Georgia Lonczak, Colored Pencil

The Jester of Delusion

By Tobias Stettler ~ Winner, Staff Selection ~

Hmmmm, delicious, the children in town, not suspicious, they’ll never think the clown! So run, run as fast as you can, you’ll never catch me for I’m the sneakiest man! Ooooooh how scrumptious, they’ve...

By Brin Cinquemani, Colored Marker

A Spider’s Feast

By Grace Benthin ~ Staff Member, Honorable Mention ~

Ravenous, I come on eight spindly legs. Peering through darkened windows, I spy a slumbering boy, who will soon be devoured. Softly, I creep into my young victim’s bedroom. I close my legs, caging him,...

By Steven Cialone, Colored Pencil, Pen & Ink

Bigfoot’s First Encounter

By Kacper Domoslawski

Rising from their cave, Bigfoot set out to find food. Normally they would go look for berries, fruits, nuts, and rarely hunt for deer if food gets scarce. They approached a small grove that was nearby,...

By Kate Bach, Digital Photography

Squashed To Bits

By Ellis Gubbenet

I clung to the mast as hard as I could with all six of my barbed legs. The breeze in my face made me feel insecure and threatened to knock me off. I gazed about the boat and saw more of my kind, each clinging...

By Ryan Kirschenmann, Class of 2022, Digital Art

The Girl From The Sky

By Courtney Schiereck

The girl with pigtails came from a black and white world, a gloomy and mute place. My home is a place where the grass is greener, the flowers are more vibrant, and the world is more lively. That is until...

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