Isabella Pope, Class of 2024


by Eryn Mikulicz, Class of 2022 ~ Contest Winner!

Joy can be found in a myriad of small, fleeting moments.

Joy is in the day’s first ray of sunshine that falls through the window and coffee sipped over meaningful conversation.
Joy is in the fresh morning air and the companionship of friends.
Joy is in the rain pounding on your window while you sit quietly inside, insulated by the walls that surround you.

Joy is being stuck between the pages of a good book while the lamp on your nightstand illuminates the otherwise dark room, then looking up to realize it is 2:00 AM.
Joy is in the vastness of the night sky, which highlights the insignificance of your existence.
Joy is realizing, as Annie Dillard has said, that you are “alive on this intricate earth under trees.”
Joy is in the pursuit of knowledge and unironic passion.
Joy is in laughter and reminiscing and mutual understanding.

Joy is not in fierce competition or the defeat of your enemies. No, joy is togetherness.
Joy is not in material success—a grade, monetary reward, or some position of power. No, joy is immeasurable.

Joy is any moment which grants meaning to an otherwise futile endeavor.