Mission Statement

The goal of Changing Perspectives is to provide a student-run, student, alumni, and staff supplied digital magazine as well as an annual print issue that encourages creativity in our school community and recognizes high-quality literary and artistic work.


Changing Perspectives is the art and literary magazine published by Delaware Valley Regional High School. In 2020, as a result of the worldwide COVID-19 Pandemic, we began to conceptualize and create a digital publication that would serve to compliment our annual print edition.

A staff of students from 9th to 12th grade reads, ranks, and curates a collection of pieces submitted by the student body and alumni. Selections were solicited in two ways. First, through school-wide monthly contests sponsored by the Literary Magazine Club, we offered a cash prize for the best submission based on a chosen monthly theme. Second, writing and artwork were solicited from alumni through Facebook and our website, and submitted via email. All submissions are published in the digital magazine after a winner has been selected and announced.

Pieces are judged blindly and evaluated individually based on content and quality of the work. Alumni and staff submissions are evaluated separately from current student submissions and are ineligible for prizes.

The authors approved any editing of work beyond minor spelling and grammatical errors.


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