Passing By, Miles Hudgins, Digital Photography, Class of 2019
Through Glass Panes and Bug Screens, I See Mortality
Brandon Smith, Class of 2016 • February 20, 2021

1:30am| With open eyes and ears unclogged, police lights; red hues and blues flash in an instant, they U Turn under an orbiting Mars and a dim...

Ryan Stephens, Class of 2021
Nicole Vargas, Class of 2012 • February 20, 2021

Did Medusa ever look at herself in the mirror, Hoping to rid herself of ache by petrifying her insides? Does the venom swallow her up? Unless...

Makayla Sozanski, Class of 2021
To Poe
Brian Smith, Class of 2005 • February 20, 2021

I cannot truly fathom all that you had seen, To view a life as but a dream within a dream. To hear the heart beat from beneath your bedroom...

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