The Twisted Twelve

For our October writing contest, we asked students to write a mini-saga of 100 words or fewer that took on the point of view of some sort of villain. And while students spoke of struggles with the word limit, we had many great pieces of writing to choose from!

The Changing Perspectives staff reviewed all of the many entries submitted by the students of Del Val, and selected a Twisted Twelve — the 12 best flash fiction submissions.

Also, two winners were chosen who received $20 gift cards, and their stories are featured below. Congratulations!

  • Samantha DeTample, “Red Cloak”
  • Tobias Stettler, “The Jester of Delusion”


Enjoy the creepy reading!


Red Cloak
The Jester of Delusion
A Spider’s Feast
The Burial
Follow The Leader
Bigfoot’s First Encounter
Squashed To Bits
Don’t Mess With the Magic Treehouse
The Girl From The Sky