Abigail Bergacs, Class of 2020


by Daria Wasserbach, Staff

Minute-long hugs, laps filled with sleepy cuddles,

Backyards magically transformed with just-blown bubbles


Reading our favorite books with unbridled glee,

First me to you, now you to me


Children’s songs ceaselessly running through my head,

My four little monkeys jumping on the bed


Spontaneous dance parties with some sick new moves

Can we stay a while longer? Do you have to go so soon?


Countless slumber parties, watching movies in bed in jammies

Calling before sleep to say good night to Daddy and Mommy


A cupboard filled with Pirate’s Booty and Kraft creamy mac and cheese,

PB&J always on hand, chicken nuggets in the deep freeze


Bike rides at the Jersey Shore to our playground by the bay,

Sun-kissed naps under the beach umbrella after riding waves all day


Sweet kisses innocently shared just because or to cure a scraped knee

Never before did I comprehend a love could run this deep


The unsolicited, “I love you, Deebs”

My family – my life, my joy, my peace