Lauren Wichelhaus, Class of 2023

An Ode to the Student During a Pandemic

by Eryn Mikulicz, Class of 2022 ~ Contest Winner!

You thought this would be easier,

but turns out it is not.

You tell yourself that you are fine,

but really you feel lost.


You spend your days next to the screen,

your nights perusing tomes.

You miss your friends tremendously,

but know you must stay home.


Your love of learning has expired,

fell victim to routine.

Your list of things that must be done

requires much caffeine!


You sold your soul to College Board—

exams are on their way!

You keep to work and just ignore

your mental health’s decay.


You feel bad for ungratefulness:

by death we are surrounded.

But, please, student, remember this:

your feelings are well-founded.


I see you and I am you, too;

I hope that you’re okay.

Please know that you deserve much more

than what life is today.