Photo by Paige Ping Kelly, Class of 2023

The Start With No Finish 

by Michael Small, Class of 2023

March 13, 2020 – a day that will be remembered. This was the day that everything went downhill. It was around lunch when rumors started to be passed around, “What is going to happen? How long will we be gone? Is this a real virus? Will we come back?” These were all questions asked to many peers. And the rumors were put to the test when Mrs. Olcott came on the loudspeaker and told the whole school of anxious students and staff what we were going to do. She explained that we would be sent home, and that she didn’t know how long we would be home, so to take all of our belongings home to be safe. Many people thought it would be an early spring break. For those, it wasn’t a spring break; it was a half year break. For the seniors of the graduating class of 2020, they would never put a foot in the school again. They would never get to walk on graduation day; they would never be able to play spring sports. Everything was put on hold, and it can’t be undone or redone. That is in the past and we must think for the future. Covid-19 controlled the world and took many things from everyone: jobs, houses, loved ones, friends, family, education, and much more. 2020 will be a year that will not be forgotten but a year that will be remembered.