Erika Burke, Class of 2023

Sometimes we Wonder

by Rachel Ferri, Class of 2022

Sometimes we wonder what could have been

When the intrusive thoughts start to begin

Deciphering a year full of reflection and change 

Our lives seemingly rearranged 

How can words display

How the smiles of seven billion people faded away

Such a hard pill to swallow

The excessive isolation makes one feel hollow

Yet somehow some way 

We hold onto the hope that soon, one day

With the strength that still remains

That everything will be the same

For what we once cherished

Has not yet perished

For we still have the sun

And the friends that we love

Although it may have seemed like a curse

Like not for better but for worse

Time goes on and the dust begins to settle 

Worries dropping like petals 

Where days wearing a mask seem numbered 

And perhaps by November or even December

The doubts we once had and all the treachery

Will all just be a distant memory

For we now will cease to wonder what could have been.