Photo by Morgan Moschberger, Class of 2023


by Siara Santos, Class of 2023

Turning on the TV, the world is told to stay at home safely.

Stores are being shut down or closing earlier than usual.

Online school is in session.

The cash register clicks as the cashier pounds the buttons, scanning the hand sanitizers, masks, toilet paper, and gloves.

The fear of a cough creeping up, scratching at the back of your throat,

a tickle in your nose trying to run out.

COVID has now entered the US and is walking around the streets, along with fear.

Risking your life in order to make money.

Glistening tears running down the face of a person finding out their loved one passed due to the virus. 

Painful signs reminding you to wear a mask every time you set foot out of the house.

Seniors losing their last year of high school.

You forget what it’s like not having to wear a mask anymore.

It became a daily thing.

Looking back, the world before COVID is all a blur.