Photo by Alan Dursee, Class of 2022


by Zachary Erling, Class of 2022

Waiting, the break we believed we deserved

Was granted so graciously, right in turn.

Taking a rest so health could be preserved.

Who could have believed what we would soon learn…


Waiting, for clarity, those up above

Must trust their judgment regardless of pain.

Fear of this virus, and family we loved

Turned days to weeks to months, news was soon gained.


Waiting, to find something simple like hope

Seemed impossible, our patience run thin.

But stories of cures were helping to cope 

With deaths of the thousands; why had this been?


Waiting, joys of common interaction

Slowly but surely returned to focus.

Renewing vibrant interests and passion, 

we managed the disease that nearly broke us. 


While it’s not over, precautions aside,

Our growth through the waiting, fills me with pride.