Photo by Paige Ping Kelly, Class of 2023

Time to Adapt

by Rebecca Sutton, Class of 2021

I discovered new bands and listened to them all night

Too bad concerts are pretty much out of sight


I listen to the same CD all of the time

That band from England and their perfect rhymes


I’ve never gotten more sleep in my life

My exhaustion results from a different kind of strife


I think I lost weight but I really don’t know

I indulged on peanut butter cups while watching the snow


I got an an infection of a different kind

A second ear piercing sounded better in my mind


I bought new makeup that I rarely use

The same applies for my sandals and shoes


I simply love going to the grocery store

Just last year I thought it was such a bore 


There’s nostalgia for times before I was born

And nostalgia for times I always used to scorn