“The Flutters of Love” by Kallista Saam ’24, Pencil Sketch

Am I So Mad?

by Nevaeh Baron '25

Look around, can you see me?
I’ll talk loud, aren’t you listening?
Scream out “give me attention”,
Freaking out over every interaction.
I don’t know much, should I ask her?
I think too much, a disaster.
My hands shake, I’m not nervous.
Am I so mad?
Am I so mad?
You don’t smile much, but when you do;
My empty sky is filled with stars,
A beacon of light for each one of our scars.
I can’t be touched.
The thoughts put my head on a stake,
But I want your hand,
Is this a mistake?
There’s a million lines to cross, billions more out of reach,
I’d walk with you through each.
Madness and rage, we go side by side.
If I told you I loved you would you be glad if I lied?