“Love You Forever” by Kaitlyn Fike ’23, Pencil Sketch

She’s a Sunflower

by Amaya E. Joassainte '25

She’s a sunflower
No understanding yet completely open
Bright and finding new passions
I find it quite perfect.
She’s a sunflower
Looking upon the brighter side of life
She isn’t the sun yet, she is as bright as it.
She’s a sunflower
A breath of fresh air
Like a flower, blooming into someone
She’s a sunflower
You feel at peace when you’re around her
She glows when she’s happy
And dim when she’s not.
She’s a sunflower
Getting prettier every time you glance at her
She’s sweet,
Sweeter than honey.
She’s a sunflower
The sparkle in her eyes
As she talked about something she
Maybe she’s my sunflower
From her ability to make others smile
Even if she was sad
She was beautiful
She wasn’t beautiful for something temporary
As her looks,
She was beautiful
Deep down in her soul.
She’s a sunflower.