Makayla Sozanski, Class of 2021

To Poe

I cannot truly fathom all that you had seen,

To view a life as but a dream within a dream.

To hear the heart beat from beneath your bedroom floor

And watch a raven perched above your chamber door.

To sense the cat scratch from behind the basement walls,

and feel the ratt’ling shudder quaking through the halls

To have the roof collapse and fall upon your friend

And hear the bells ring in the coming of his end.

To watch a plague tear through the ones you truly love

and stay below while they all find new homes above.

I lack the grace, the flair, the art, the poet’s touch,

To pay homage to you, a man who gave the world so much.

The seeds you’ve sown will grow until the end of time,

So rest now Poe, and know your work will live in mine.