Samantha Parlato, Class of 2022

Oak Hill Golf Club

A sheet laid across the lawn,

A stolen bottle of wine gripped to either your lips or mine,

And a backpack full of life’s finest pleasures.


We passed the trespassing sign that never stopped us before,

And I didn’t really know what made that night particularly memorable,

But I do know it was the day I was gifted my freedom.


The gloom of the night held a warm blue aura,

With stars like spilled salt all over the sky,

And a faint breeze as a fine garnish to this perfect scene.


Nothing was really the same after that night,

When we just let our thoughts flow like a stream and

Ripple across our bloodstreams cultivating our vital intimacy.


I remember when the bottle was parched you asked,

Should we go now​?

Why would we ever do that?