Revolution, Maggie Erwin, Digital Photography, Class of 2019

Inside, Looking Out

the view from atop an ivory tower

makes me doubt the value of

being among the vast majority

they don’t know what it’s like:

fancy cars and penthouses

are greater than

the needs of a global community

it’s a no-brainer that

the throngs of the average

are detrimental to

the crisp comforts of a billionaire

exorbitant wealth


living a half-decent life

just being alive is enough

to know that

the bereft and homeless

can wait, we need

yachts and mansions

without these basic amenities

what’s the point of living

this is paradise

a place where one can think:

how soothing, to be in a

world where I don’t see the starving and destitute

I prefer a

universe of the privileged, which is why

the alternative

is better than

to be outside, looking in



(now read from the bottom-up)