2020 First Place Poetry: Julia McPherson

“Season’s Meanings”, Class of 2021


Caroline Weckesser, Class of 2022

I. Spring

it has begun, with garden’s birth. 

the trees gleam with brand new girth. 

as proudly, and violently— 

life brings on new perspectives.

                                                           flowers sprout, flowers bloom. 

                                                           no longer trapped inside a room. 

                                                           outside they grow— in the sun,

                                                           beginning on their journey.

II. Summer

the summer sun brightly shines.

enjoying moments, so sublime.

that sense of childlike wonder,

empties the mind and fills the soul.

                                                           the beating, burning sun.

                                                           deeply hurt— mistaken fun.

                                                           clinging on to faulty love,

                                                           with ignorance to the pain. 

III. Autumn 

maturity, as it begins

rumbling along with the wind.

time grows truly frigid and grey

no longer wishing for youth.

                                                           as the leaves turn auburn glow,

                                                           and high tensions of the cold grow.

                                                           destined to march— to the grave,

                                                           as those who have tread on before.

IV. Winter 

dead and frozen in the night. 

love has grown cold in tender light.

snowflakes fall onto the ground,

and bury broken hearts beneath.

                                                           doom and gloom, marked with despair.

                                                           breath that no longer fills the air.

                                                           life is stripped with silent woes,

                                                           until the cycle begins again.