2020 First Place Nonfiction: Tristan Obedos

“Journal Entry #1”, Class of 2020


Photo by Amy Reed on Unsplash

The toilet. Not a sight most think of when imagining beauty beyond compare; however, think about this time in your life. You are in a long car ride with mom and dad, and the next exit stop isn’t for 20 miles. Embrace the beauty of the trees on the long, never-ending country road. See the glistening dew on the fresh morning grass. Oh wait, fresh morning dew is water.

Nope! Stop, think if something else. Ummm here, think about this! Marvel at the beauty of the golden sunrise, and its yellow tint covering the sk- ahhhhh! Pee is yellow. Golden to blue! Watch as the morning sunrise transforms in the blue sky…

… like water.

This is hopeless. And this is what I mean by the fact that the toilet, it’s beauty should never be underestimated.

Seeing an old friend after many years, pffff. Visiting family for the holidays, whatever. Getting married? What do you think this is? No. No. The most beautiful sight to any man, woman, or child is the toilet. Remember that long car ride, think about how it feels when you finally pull over at a rest stop or a bush. It’s great.

Actually, great doesn’t begin to encapsulate the beauty of the toilet. I would say the feeling is angelic – yes, like the heavens. Hear the rush of the waterfall hitting the circular pool of water below. The aggressive stream goes and goes until it comes to a calming stop. The flush of the bad memories sink down to the place that one will never see again; now, this is a different experience. The satisfaction of peeing? Nothing can compare, for the only real way to experience this is through the beauty of the toilet, or even a bush.