An Art and Literary Magazine for Delaware Valley Regional High School

Changing Perspectives

An Art and Literary Magazine for Delaware Valley Regional High School

Changing Perspectives

An Art and Literary Magazine for Delaware Valley Regional High School

Changing Perspectives

Ive Got You Under My Skin, Clay & Paint, Grace Diem, Class of 2024

‘Til Undeath Do Us Part ~~ Get Spooky Contest Winner!

By Samantha DeTample and Sara Matthews, Class of 2024

  Fog flooded the field  Graves lit up by the moon  A rumble came from deep below  A hand broke through its tomb    The ring on her finger rusted  Her wedding dress...

Silent Noise, Kyle Nungester, Class of 2025

Troglobite (noun) — an animal that lives entirely in the dark parts of caves

By Daniel LaGuardia, Class of 2024

What happened to him was no fault of mine, and I know that I did nothing wrong. Nothing. Caves are just dangerous places, that’s all. A cave has no regard for human life and a cave is not created with...

Creepy Crawler, Pen & Ink, Amaya Joassainte, Class of 2025

The Creepy that Crawls

By Tobias Stettler, Class of 2024

  Stepping and creaking,  Silently speaking  Darkness with a whisper,  Colder than the winter  I am the creepy that crawls    Writhing in blood  Hope stained like...

Tim Burton-Style Self-Portrait, Color Pencil, Alexis Bellonio, Class of 2025

Waiting for Gwen

By Hayden Wagner, Class of 2025

November 3, 1986. I had marked that day on my calendar. It was circled, underlined, and bolded in red to ensure I remembered the date by the time it came around. Lord forbid I forget again and get caught...

Neoscona Crucifera, Photography, Natalie DeTample, Class of 2024

Requiem for a Widow

By Grace Diem, Class of 2024

  The web spinners met on a cast iron gate  A doomed coupling of true romance  Raising the chalice to their lips  The black widows begin their ritual dance    Legs weighed...

Haunted Halloween

By Will Bivona and Jaiden Martineau, Class of 2027

  Performers in order of appearance:  Will Bivona (skeleton) Mason Bivona (little kid) Jaiden Martineau (skeleton + ghost) Griffin Engelhardt (skeleton + ghost) Milo Thomas (skeleton + ghost)   Jaiden...

Ghost in the Hall, Photography, Reed Pursell, Class of 2024


By Daniel LaGuardia, Class of 2024

  First: stillness.  Then something trembles in the dark.  A dripping, a flickering of eyes,  darkness breathing itself to life.  Fog writhes and weaves into a new form:  a...

The Despair Tree, Photography, Anderson Olcott, Class of 2024

Lost in Mind

By Alex Harvey, Class of 2024

The cold air rushes into your lungs and your eyes open in an instant. How long have you been here? That’s irrelevant, you think. A better question, is where is here? You stand up and look around the...

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Open by Natalia Sosa 23, Graffiti/Markers

Love: Definitions

We asked some of the staff and students at Del Val what love meant to them...     “I guess love in terms of people, like family, is doing what’s best for them even if it’s...

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