An Art and Literary Magazine for Delaware Valley Regional High School

Changing Perspectives

An Art and Literary Magazine for Delaware Valley Regional High School

Changing Perspectives

An Art and Literary Magazine for Delaware Valley Regional High School

Changing Perspectives

By Cabela Cotte, Colored Pencil

Red Cloak

By Samantha DeTample ~ Winner, Staff Selection ~

I was alone. Thrown into the forest’s abyss by the people who tamed me without a second thought. The light was fading and so was my hope. The trees grew thick, the only sound I could hear was the cracking...

By Georgia Lonczak, Colored Pencil

The Jester of Delusion

By Tobias Stettler ~ Winner, Staff Selection ~

Hmmmm, delicious, the children in town, not suspicious, they’ll never think the clown! So run, run as fast as you can, you’ll never catch me for I’m the sneakiest man! Ooooooh how scrumptious, they’ve...

By Brin Cinquemani, Colored Marker

A Spider’s Feast

By Grace Benthin ~ Staff Member, Honorable Mention ~

Ravenous, I come on eight spindly legs. Peering through darkened windows, I spy a slumbering boy, who will soon be devoured. Softly, I creep into my young victim’s bedroom. I close my legs, caging him,...

By Zana Berisha, Digital Photography

The Burial

By Grace LaGuardia ~ Staff Member, Honorable Mention ~

Six feet below where I stand, my mother sobs and claws wildly at the walls of her coffin. Presently, she should be trying to remove an iron rod from within her chest, her screams of anguish silenced...

By Jake Lagun, Digital Photography

Follow The Leader

By Macie Baron

God, for years I've watched us people forget we have free will. I've watched society become controlled by the media, the government and big corporations, brainwashing us to believe we are little and powerless....

By Jim Conroy, Digital Photography


By Natalie DeTample

Any day with Jenny is a perfect day. We love spending time together. But something wasn't right today. She was supposed to be eating dinner by now. Why were there no lights on? She could be in danger....

By Steven Cialone, Colored Pencil, Pen & Ink

Bigfoot’s First Encounter

By Kacper Domoslawski

Rising from their cave, Bigfoot set out to find food. Normally they would go look for berries, fruits, nuts, and rarely hunt for deer if food gets scarce. They approached a small grove that was nearby,...

By Kate Bach, Digital Photography

Squashed To Bits

By Ellis Gubbenet

I clung to the mast as hard as I could with all six of my barbed legs. The breeze in my face made me feel insecure and threatened to knock me off. I gazed about the boat and saw more of my kind, each clinging...

By Charlie Benthin, Colored Pencil


By Olivia Loeffler

I know every move you make. I can hear your hand turn the doorknob, attempting to escape. It’s too late, soon I will blot out the sun and swallow the earth. I was once your bothersome orange cat, but...

By Brin Cinquemani, Colored Pencil


By Alyssa Montanez

It’s immaculate: an ivory fur coat embellished with lavish bell sleeves and a two-foot train. As the model sways, the light catches the black speckles scattered throughout the fur. With each ruffle...

By Macie Baron, Pen & Ink

Don’t Mess With the Magic Treehouse

By Clare McGovern

I’m the Magic Treehouse. Yep, that one. And recently, I’ve had some issues. It all started when my land got sold to a lovely couple. Not that I have any trouble with them, but the local HOA had issues...

By Ryan Kirschenmann, Class of 2022, Digital Art

The Girl From The Sky

By Courtney Schiereck

The girl with pigtails came from a black and white world, a gloomy and mute place. My home is a place where the grass is greener, the flowers are more vibrant, and the world is more lively. That is until...

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